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What makes Vocab Wizards different is its enthusiastic approach towards learning. Our primary concern is not marks or grades. Our focus lies on making sure that your child absorbs everything well enough to help him for the rest of his/ her life.  We hold atleast two events a year where the students and teachers can bond in a fun filled environment. 


We treat our students to the magic of theatre by booking private shows of various plays for them. We choose an appropriate production for them and then use the performance to inculcate the importance of expression and the joy of art into them. 


To keep them informed on how sports goes hand in hand with an excellent education, we have annual programs at Gallant Sports Arena in Juhu. It is a morning of fun filled activities and healthy competition. With over 200 children attending, it is the closest we get to a Sports Day!


Year after year, our grade 10 students have bought us laurels due to their brilliant results at the board exams.  For their felicitation, we often call chief guests, who represent excellence in different fields, to inspire and enthrall the students with their skills and brilliance. Some of them have been singer Divya Kumar, of 'Jee Karda' fame and screenwriter and former journalist, Suresh Nair, of 'Namaste London' fame. At this event. the parents get to view an exhibition of the children's favourite worksheets in the form of charts and art created by them. 

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